Management Courses

Most people in the role of Executive, Manager or Consultant, be it for a large company, own business, or other services, bring specific skills and qualities to their work. In many cases those same people are required to manage people, in an office, on a site, around the world. So, how do we keep management skills up-to-date? The role of the manager in any business, whether large or small, is critical. The decisions, actions and abilities of managers directly influence the profitability, reputation and success of any enterprise. Bridge Management Centre’s Training provides a mix of practical experiences that help individuals break out of their current routines and take a fresh look at proven management strategies and techniques.


-Leadership and Strategy for Senior Managers [View details]
-Developing Executive Management Capacity [View details]
-Coaching and Counselling Skills for Managers [View details]
-Crisis Management and Contingency Planning [View details]
-The Balanced Scorecard [View details]
-Strategic Procurement Management [View details]
-Procurement Audit [View details]
-The Complete Procurement Cycle [View details]
-Executive Administration: Developing Skills for the Modern Personal Assistant [View details]
-Quality Management Systems [View details]
-The Petroleum Business Basics [View details]
-Community Development and Planning [View details]
-Strategy and International Security Course [View details]