Strategic Procurement Management  register

Course Overview
For many projects, procured goods and services form the highest percentage of expenditure and so it is important to achieve value for money through careful appraisal and management. The procurement strategy will promote a controlled and auditable response to external influences and ensure that the project objectives are met. This course aims to equip you with the capacity to develop management and strategic skills in procurement in order to increase value for money. It will enable you to assess the meanings and outcomes of the stages in the development of an effective procurement strategy. It will develop your skills on how the process should be undertaken.

Course Objectives

  • Development of skills in the strategic process of procurement.
  •  Improvement of procurement management in delivering VFM.
  •  Building skills on how to undertake the process.
  • Assessment of collaborative forms of working: partnering, alliances and joint ventures
  • Evaluation of project constraints and the management of risk.

Course Outline

  • Procurement strategies for privately financed projects
  • Effective partnering: the partnering process
  •  An alliance/partnering contract strategy
  •  Innovative procurement methods
  •  Procurement through programme management
  •  Future trends in procurement
  •  Contract strategy
  •  Joint ventures