Strategy and International Security Course register

Course Overview

To deepen the delegates’ understanding of strategic thinking in the context of international security. In so doing, delegates will undertake an in-depth study of international relations and strategy, and apply the theory and levels of analysis to a security issue in West Africa. Delegates will examine strategy comparatively and globally. Examine strategy at the nation-state level. This course reviews classical strategic thought, moves to more contemporary strategic thinkers and to various levels of strategy. The course then applies strategic thinking to West Africa.

Course Objectives

  • Understand and identify the major schools of thought and approaches to international relations, transnational relations, and world politics.
  • Understand and identify both classical and contemporary schools of thought and approaches on strategy.
  • Comprehend the level of analysis in international relations theory
  • Apply international relations theory and strategic thinking to a major security challenge in West Africa and Africa
  • Apply International relations theories to security issues across the globe and West Africa
  • Be familiar with theories of international security and strategy

Course Outline

  • The international environment
  • Strategic Thought
  • International relations theories and approaches to strategic thought
  • Tools and Models for analyzing security issues within the context of International relations
  • International security environment and its impact on West Africa
  • Theories on Decision Making as it related to national security
  • Definition and facet of Strategy
  • Developing criteria to determine how strategy may (or may not) relate to security issues in West Africa
  • Implementation of Strategy
  • Application of International relations, international security and strategy to security issues in West Africa