Quality Management Systems  register

Course Overview

Through your Quality Management System you should be assured that products and services consistently meet customers’ needs and expectations and continually improve your ability to do so. This course will provide all you need to do this whether you are new to quality management systems or developing and improving mature systems.

Course Objectives

  • Analyse contemporary business trends and apply this knowledge to their management system
  • Identify recent and 'better practice' methodologies for business planning
  • Identify recent and 'better practice' methodologies for business performance measurement

Course Outline

  • The contemporary business enterprise
  • Business strategy
  • SWOT analysis and organisational capabilities
  • Environmental scanning
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Organisational culture
  • Business planning components and terminology
  • Typical business planning formats
  • Relevant contemporary management models
  • Business planning links to ISO 9000:2000
  • Process and functional approaches to organisational effectiveness
  • Process mapping and process improvement
  • Typical performance measures
  • Key performance indicators
  • The 'Balanced Scorecard'