Executive Administration: Developing Skills for the Modern Personal Assistant  register

Course Overview
Over recent years the role of the professional PA/secretary has changed dramatically. In today’s world, for example, messages come incessantly, in a variety of ever-faster formats. The range of tasks has grown wider, with an accompanying expectation of immediate delivery.

As well as taking pressure off their managers to ensure the smooth operation of the organisation, personal assistants or executive secretaries, are the first point of contact for staff, clients and suppliers and require a grasp of core financial principles in order to agree and manage budgets effectively. Modern PAs must be highly detail oriented, and able to work and maintain order without direct supervision.

This programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge to improve your personal effectiveness in contributing to the high performance of your organisation and achieving sustained professional excellence.

Course Objectives

  • Use technology to develop personal effectiveness and impactful presentations
  • Develop organizational strategies to improve efficiency and meet business demand
  • Understand the basic principles and terminology of finance.

Course Outline

  • Executive administration and its importance to organizations
  • Dealing with people: increasing exposure through networking and relationship building
  • Implementing systems to increase effectiveness through planning, prioritizing and delegation
  • Exploring management techniques and styles and the impact of change in today’s organizations
  • Records management to support service delivery and efficiency
  • Creative problem solving: generating fresh ideas when faced with challenges
  • Negotiation skills to obtain co-operation and enhance commercial relationships
  • How to plan and monitor small projects
  • Making presentations: using visual technology to develop powerful presentations
  • Use of Microsoft technology for personal effectiveness: advanced Microsoft Word skills, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Project
  • Finance basics for the office professional