Coaching and Counselling Skills for Managers  register

Course Overview

Every employee can reach higher levels of performance, including your average and best performers. What they need is a manager who can coach: someone who can routinely observe, assess, and interact in ways that develop and maximize their individual effectiveness. This training is a must attend for managers and would be managers to raise their potential and level of performance and get the most out of their team.

Course Objectives

  • Improve your ability to coach
  • Minimize repeat performance failures
  • Close the gaps between current and desired performance and outcomes
  • Assist and challenge your best performers to greater levels of success
  • Integrate coaching seamlessly into daily interaction with your people

Course Outline

  • An Introduction to Managerial Coaching
  • Skills in Support of Coaching
  • Practice listening for skill improvement
  • Understand a Coaching Interview Model
  • Key Issues Related to Effective Coaching
  • Challenge the notion of “coachability,” replacing it with “receptivity to coaching”
  • Assess current behavior—plan to eliminate “coaching-opposed” behaviors and adopt “coaching-supportive” behaviors