Training Needs Analysis for HR Professionals and Managers  register

Course Overview

The identification of learning and talent development needs is based on the conduct of a formal or informal assessment of prevailing levels of skills, attitudes and knowledge, and any current or anticipated gaps, to inform decisions about the learning provisions required at individual, team or organizational level.
Line managers need to have the necessary skills to work with staff to help them identify their training needs and the knowledge about how to meet them.
Having managers with the core competencies to carry out a training needs analysis of their team is partly about recruiting managers with those competencies and partly about supporting your managers to develop these skills, including providing training for them.

Course Objectives

  • Plan a needs analysis system.
  • Analyze job performance.
  • Determine causes and solutions for job performance problems.
  • Determine when (and when not) to train.
  • Determine the cost-benefits of training.
  • How to evaluate trainings

Course Outline

  • Review of current training
  • Needs Assessment
  • Overview of the steps in a Needs Assessment
  • Task Analysis
  • Identification of training gap
  • Statement of training requirement
  • Assessment of training Option
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of training requirements
  • Case Studies