Performance Management for Managers  register

Course Overview

Managing team performance is a fundamental part of the manager's and supervisor's role. It is a powerful tool for not only improving the performance of the team and encouraging personal development, but also in ensuring the organisation meets its business objectives and plans.
Many managers see appraisals as a standalone event, when really they are just a small part of managing performance and maximising potential. Managing performance starts right from day one and supports the employee throughout their career, ensuring they have the goals, skills, knowledge and ability to play their part in organisational achievements.
Course Objectives

  • Explain their role in managing the performance of their team
  • Describe the key stages in the performance management process
  • Use the performance management skills and techniques practice to create a development plan
  • Develop techniques to address poor performance
  • Review the challenges that face them within their specific team/organization
  • Follow an action plan of their key development points

Course Outline

  • What is performance management?
  • Standards of performance and behavior
  • Types of Performance
  • The Performance Management Cycle
  • Key Skills of Performance Management
  • Managing Performance
  • Handling challenging situations
  • Communication Skills
  • Kolbs learning cycle