Energizing People for Performance  register

Course Overview

Energize your work force and maximize bottom-line results by implementing valuable people-related strategies in your organization. Understand your role in creating an environment where people feel motivated.

 Whether you are the leader of a small team within a large organization or the head of a business unit responsible for hundreds of people, motivating and developing those who work for you involves more than good leadership skills. It requires effective people-focused processes and motivational tools designed to unleash the potential in others so they can achieve and sustain high levels of performance.
 You will leave this program with applicable frameworks and ideas that can be implemented to achieve results.

Course Objectives

  • Be exposed to research-based frameworks, proven concepts, and strategies to help you motivate and energize your workforce to produce bottom-line results 
  • Develop and implement a personal action plan that is relevant and has a positive impact for you and your organization 
  • Increase your personal effectiveness as a manager and leader of people through a variety of learning experiences such as case studies, role-playing, and team-based exercises 

Course Outline

  • Energizing people for performance
  • Motivating Teams
  • Creating Energized Workplace
  • Leadership Challenges in Energizing people
  • Motivating Through Change