Governance in Local Government  register

Course Overview

What is “governance” and what is the difference between “governance” and “good governance” forms the theme of this course. This course also introduces delegates to the specificities of local level good governance. The principles of “good governance” and the issue of cleavage or congruence between principles and practice are examined in detail with the aid of case studies
Course Objectives

  • Broaden the outlook of the participants and thereby improve their operational effectiveness
  • Expose participants to the principles of governance and leadership at the local level in order to make them more effective in local level governance;
  • Enable participants to learn about best practices and replicate same in their home countries.

Course Outline

  • Governance – Principles and Practice 
  • Decentralization and Local Government Administration 
  • Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour in Local Government 
  • Local Level Leadership – Concept, Principles and Practice 
  • Decentralized Planning and Fiscal Decentralization 
  • Policy Formulation and Analysis in Local Government 
  • Political and Administrative Decentralization 
  • Public Private Partnership and Local Economic Development 
  • Procurement Management at the Local Level 
  • Women, Civil Society and Participatory Planning and Budgeting at the Local Level