Democracy, Human Right and Human Rights-Based Approaches to Development  register

Course Overview

Freedom, human rights and democracy are fundamental values and objectives in themselves and promoting them is a key priority for any country. Democratic societies based on the rule of law provide equal opportunities for people to express themselves, participate actively in society and make decisions about their own lives.

Course Objectives

  • Delegates will be able to identify and make use of appropriate entry points for human rights strengthening to promote and protect freedom, democracy and secure development.

Course Outline

  • Democracy and Human Rights: Key Concepts
  • Democracy as a Fundamental Value for Development
  • Democratization¬† and the Promotion of Human Rights
  • International Criminal Justice and the Fight Against Impunity
  • Key Principles of the Human Rights-Based Approach
  • Application of the Human Rights-Based Approach to Programming & Action Planning
  • Applying Human Rights-Based Approach in Decentralized Framework by Service Delivery and Advocacy
  • Key Government Organizations Responsible for the Promotion of Human Rights and Good Governance
  • Criticisms and Challenges of the Human Rights-Based Approach