Advanced Project Finance  register

Course Overview
This course is designed to provide advanced training for officials who have had some experience in project finance and who need to increase their knowledge of the field.

It will focus on areas critical to the success and sustainability of major projects and will combine lectures with case studies to illustrate and develop the key concepts and techniques. It will provide a thorough in-depth review of the roles of the different parties in the transaction (the sponsor, the company, the commercial lenders, technical experts and lawyers), an examination of the four different phases of the deal and emphasises especially the risk aspects.

Course Objectives

  • Analyse specific case studies, risk profiles and structuring protocols
  • Analyse funding sources and credit criteria
  • Simulate, arrange and document project financings
  • Construct a project finance cash flow model
  • Capitalise on the new horizons for projects and funding ors

Course Outline

  • Critical factors in project financing today
  • The roles of the different parties in the transaction
  • Structuring and trade-offs
  • Due diligence
  • Credit criteria and cash flow modelling
  • Credit Analysis
  • Project finance model types
  • Typical modelling errors
  • Project finance as a competitive tool
  • Contract/Tender bidding
  • Public Private Projects